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Hello my name is Tammy. I am an owner of Green Thumb Nursery and I love all things gardening.

Sometimes in our lives we redirect or change our passions. For many years, I was an elementary educator. I loved teaching young minds. I was so passionate about seeing those students soak up new learning. During my time off as a teacher, I gardened. The love of gardening started at a very early age. As a child, I grew up helping my grandparents garden. Both grandfathers, were avid and successful gardeners. They both had large gardens and used different garden strategies, but equally successful. I learned many of those strategies which I use in my garden today.

Last year, I made the decision to redirect my passions (I have many). I decided to retire from teaching. My husband asked what I would like to do now. My response was "I just want to garden". So, we brainstormed how to take my gardening passion and turn it into a business. Six months later, I bought an abandoned plant nursery. I spent many months revitalizing it. Man that was hard work, well it still is actually. We slowly chip away at projects to bring this beautiful nursery back to life. Now that we are open, I have been finding ways to incorporate my love of teaching and my love of gardening. See now I can teach gardening and pass on the many skills I learned from my grandparents as well as new skills I've taught myself. Organic gardening is my passion. We have bees and I wanted to protect them. Many years of practicing this way of gardening has been so fun, hard, frustrating and rewarding. Now, at the nursery I teach organic gardening classes to adult, and schedule field trips with learning stations about plants and their care. We do classes on potting plants, etc. So, who says we can't have it all. I took two passions and found a way to put them together. Like my website says, "It's all about quality of life".

I want to write this blog to share my experience, skills that work or didn't work, and pass down skills that are in jeopardy of being lost. I want my customers, friends, family, and followers to not be afraid to try. Gardening is so good for my soul and I want that happiness and peace for others. I hope you will check back soon.

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Excited to follow your blog and learn more about gardening. Glad your dream has come true!


Great intro I look forward to reading and learning more. So proud for you, and your doing an awesome job. Lisa T.

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